Let’s Talk!

Parenting with intention can be a challenge. Maria understands how to hold space for you while you work through what’s getting in the way. She offers tips and tools to help you discover what needs to change – without guilt, judgment or pressure. She understands each family is unique and will instinctively find ways to help you get through difficult moments to create more harmonious family time. Your family will be calmer!

In-Person Visit

Children who feel heard, respected and connected to their adults are naturally resilient and more cooperative, and it starts with you! Maria can assess any potential problem areas with a home or playground visit, and find solutions to help you manage your day to day interactions with your children peacefully. Because this is something that sometimes just needs an outsider’s perspective, she offers a one hour visit with an email recap. Not ready for in-person or just need to vent? A 30-60 minute Zoom call is another option. Because everybody who needs help deserves it, affordable solutions are the goal!

Get in Touch

Maria is based in Philadelphia and offers in-person visits locally. Zoom or Facetime calls are available for families anywhere. Maria’s background includes training in RIE® philosophy of childcare with Deborah Carlisle Solomon. Her journey to respectful parenting began when her son was a baby – when she read Janet Lansbury’s blog, those ideas resonated deeply and forever changed her perspective. She started a non-profit family playspace in 2016, where she has hosted playgroups and offered classes to families with infants through to children age 7. She began hosting the online parenting workshop Communication For Connection in January 2021, and is the parent of an awesome tween. Email for help today or to inquire about upcoming online workshops!