Conscious Parenting

• Parenting classes (Zoom)

• In-person family meet ups modeling communication, tips, and coaching around language and how to peacefully be with your children 



The Dandelion Project is hosting our monthly 3-session series of Communication For Connection. We invite you to discover ways communication with our children can shift our relationships for the better. A little bit group therapy, a little bit lecture. Visit here for more or to sign up. We have had such good response to this class, and are thrilled to hear how much we have been able to help you! Upcoming class times and new classes are coming up soon. Stay tuned for October dates. 


TBD. Let the little ones play while the adults chat. We will learn how to handle interruptions that will allow your child to feel connected to you and play independently. Ask any questions you may have about conscious parenting, RIE, Janet Lansbury – and whether you know a little or a lot – we welcome all inquiries! Limited to six families. Registration is required. Venmo parentinfantphilly to reserve or email. You will receive email confirmation once payment is made. $12 ($9 Lilypad members). If it rains or we are at capacity, you’ll be fully refunded. Sessions are held in Lilypad’s backyard in South Philadelphia! More details here.  


Private (backyard or playground) sessions are also available by appointment. Specific questions can be answered while we observe your children play and as you interact with your child. We can help work on communication, scaffolding, sibling issues, along with low intervention ways to help out with toy taking and other behavior that comes up. Each session is one hour and is currently $25 at the location of your choice. You will leave feeling more confident as a parent! Email to set up a time to meet.


Need a quick talk on how to resolve an ongoing challenge with your children? Want to get on the same page as your co-parent? Let’s talk in person or on Zoom for a quick tune-up to get your parenting mojo back. Parent Coaching Services offered through The Dandelion Project. Visit here to sign up or for details. Affordable, sliding scale payment options starting at $25 for one private session. One or two Hour or Half Hour sessions should be enough to help you reframe and get on track.

Coaching with Maria can help you work through common parenting issues:

  • You haven’t done anything wrong: you have a three year old!
  • How to parent the way you want to, with less reacting, yelling, or withdrawing
  • I’m so triggered, is this normal? Yes, let’s talk it through!
  • My child won’t love me if I say no. Setting limits and believing in yourself.
  • Communication For Connection (specific language, tone and modeling)
  • Learn some of the basics of conscious parenting, RIE® and more to create a more peaceful home
  • Take what works and discard what doesn’t; Maria believes in a flexible approach to parenting because we all come from different backgrounds and have different goals; we will tailor your session to your family and needs

Contact Maria today with questions. Whether you have young babies or young elementary age children, a slight shift can help you more peacefully raise independent resilient children.

• Respect • Independent Play • Emotional Validation • Conscious Caretaking

Applying principles begun in Hungary by Magda Gerber and expanded upon by Janet Lansbury, our approach employs sensitive observation to help you understand your baby, toddler or child better.

• we model subtle nuances of language • we employ limited intervention with children to build resilience and self-confidence • your children demonstrate how capable they already are • opportunities to socialize with other children with similar-minded families • we see how they learn, mimic sounds and language in real time • allow your child to explore free movement and free play

Email parentinfantphilly for info.

I get it. And I’m here to support you in your parenting journey no matter how crazy things get! Working on building a respectful, connected relationship with your children can be so rewarding, and hard work, too. The words we use, the emotions we express, the choice to intervene or not, holding space for a child during a tantrum, all require practice to help you parent the way you want to.

The nuances of how parents parent vary from one family to the next. There is a lot of trial and error as you get to understand your child and define your role as a parent. Recognizing that our behaviors and choices are based on our life experiences, including how we were brought up, is an important step toward the self-reflection RIE® can bring about. There is effort in looking inward and understanding how you can model your best self for your child. Holding space for a child and yourself can be challenging. Your words and mindset can bring an instant and lasting connection between you and your children during times of conflict. It’s so simple and so hard at the same time, as in most things parenting!

Building a strong attachment can make your parenting journey more relaxing in so many ways. We can regroup when our babies and toddlers are in their safe spaces; our minds can be at peace knowing they can play happily without requiring us to be ON 24/7. Giving children some space to discover and play on their own will prevent you from inadvertently inhibiting your child’s natural curiosity and physical development. When we consider that child’s play is of vital importance, we begin to see how interrupting them might be disruptive. And we begin to see that all emotions are valid, and stem from somewhere – we learn to look for the meaning behind the behavior. Feeling sad or upset is no less valid than feeling happy or joyful. So validate those feelings, they’ll pass that much quicker. It’s not magic, but it sure seems like it sometimes.

About our classes:

WHERE: Backyard classes are held at Lilypad, 1234 S Broad Street, just north of Wharton Street in South Philadelphia, easily accessible by public transportation or with plenty of 2-hour street parking.

PRICING: $12 ($9 for Lilypad members)

If you practice or wish to learn more about RIE® and/or conscious and respectful parenting, join us for a class. You can be the change!

Classes begin with a check-in and space for questions as they come up, and also include quiet observation of children immersed in their play, helping us to recognize their interests. Our classes model respectful parenting principles with the aim of becoming more confident as a parent and trusting of your child. Classes allow your little one the space and freedom to move, play and explore as she wishes. Playing uninterrupted in an open, safe space with others allows your child a secure emotional and physical space to learn, move, and interact authentically. Parents enjoy the relaxing non-judgmental atmosphere and discussions.

CLASS DURATION: Backyard classes are 45 minutes.

CLASS SIZE: Attendance is limited to 6 families. Send us an email to register, and once payment is received, your spot is reserved.

BENEFITS: So far, our classes have shown us how well babies can move when they are free to pursue their own goals (reaching for a ball that rolls away can help with resilience and build self-confidence when baby at last grabs her plaything). Our toddlers have been drinking from open glasses with great success (sometimes a change of clothes is in order as they learn), and sitting for a delightful snack time as we chat and model limits and patience. Toy taking all but disappeared by the end of our first 8-week toddler session. Parents have enjoyed seeing their child interact with other babies and toddlers. Each child discovers new ways to interact with the play objects, both alone and sometimes with peer assistance, which is such a joy to watch. We talk about common phrases parents use: “you’re ok” “good job” “share” to discuss the emotional and social repercussions of our language, which has brought up great conversations and helps us subtly rethink how we interact with our children. “Are you ok?” “You did it.” “It’s hard when someone has a toy you really want.”

    Maria’s Bio — Maria has been practicing conscious parenting of some sort with her son since he was almost one (skipping this and skipping that, as it worked for her family). When she discovered it, RIE® really resonated, and she has been attempting to spread the word for the last 9 years. This concept has forever changed the way she sees and interacts with others. Emotional validation of children is so vital to their emotional health and to building cooperation and trust within the family. After running several RIE®-inspired playgroups and a few classes from 2016-2018, Maria decided to enroll in an intensive RIE® foundations course. The course has led to greater understanding of Magda Gerber’s principles and has really opened up the whys of RIE® and conscious parenting in general. In fall 2018, Maria started Parent Infant Philly to share those principles with you, and hopes that your views will be expanded and shift when you notice how well  you connect and empathize with your young children. Maria has hosted weekly playgroups at Lilypad for over 5 years, and after pivoting to online parenting classes, has found that she absolutely loves working with parents to help them reach their parenting intentions. Maria is a RIE®-practicing parent who has completed the RIE Theory and Foundations Course™.

Contact ParentInfantPhilly at GMAIL dot com to sign up or with questions.

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